The Center for Jewish Civilization offers a variety of courses for students pursuing the minor in Jewish Civilization. These courses are also open to students who are not seeking the minor.

CJC courses are identified with both JCIV and INAF course numbers. The list of courses that count towards the minor is not limited to those courses with a JCIV or INAF course number, as some departments choose to x-list courses with the CJC rather than list the course under two different departments.

See below for a list of current courses being offered. Click the title to read a description of each course.

Upcoming Courses (Fall 2020)

Current Courses (Spring 2020)

Hebrew Courses

JCIV-241 Kabbalah In Its Contexts

Holocaust and Genocide Studies

JCIV-236 Holocaust Autobiography

JCIV-272 Use & Abuse of Holocaust in Politics

JCIV-309 Holocaust Forensics: Fieldwork

Humanities and Literature

JCIV-015 Blacks and Jews in America

JCIV-166 Seven Popes and the Jews

JCIV-195 Mapping Jewish Life in North America

JCIV-196 Re-Examining the Israeli-Palestinian Crisis

JCIV-202 Wording Your Identity: Jewish Literature

JCIV-217 God & The Goal Posts

JCIV-217 Jewish Thinkers in Modernity

JCIV-271 Muslims & Jews: New Perspectives

International Affairs and Diplomacy

JCIV 213 Debates Over Religious Freedom

JCIV-188 Confronting Contemporary Antisemitism

JCIV-230 From Zionist Movement to Contemporary Israel

JCIV-256 Israel and World Politics

JCIV-279 Israel's National Security Decision-Making

JCIV-444 Statecraft and Negotiation

Jewish Studies

[JCIV-000 Courses for the Spring 2020 Semester Will be Available in November]

JCIV-166 Seven Popes and the Jews