Los Angeles Times quotes Professor Bruce Hoffman on connections between the Islamic State and white supremacist extremist ideologies.

Tamara Coffman Wittes's Rational Security Podcast: "It's the Terrorism, Stupid"

August 7, 2019

Listen to Professor Coffman Wittes discuss domestic terrorism in this new installment of the Rational Security podcast.

Bruce Hoffman on Taleban and Al-Qaeda

The Straits Times
August 3, 2019

Professor Bruce Hoffman analyzes the future of Al-Qaeda and the Taleban after the U.S. withdraws troops from the region.

Amb. Dennis Ross interviewed on NPR

WKNO Public Radio
August 1, 2019

NPR's Steve Inskeep called on the expertise of Ambassador Dennis Ross to discuss sanctions against Iran's foreign minister.

Rabbi David Saperstein praised by Jewish Community Voice

Jewish Community Voice
July 31, 2019

Rabbi David Saperstein's address on the intersection of politics and the Jewish community is praised by the Jewish Community Voice.

Amb. Dennis Ross quoted on state of Hezbollah

Greenwich Time
July 30, 2019

Ambassador Dennis Ross is quoted in a Greenwich Time article on Iran's relationship with Hezbollah.

Bruce Hoffman discusses Al Qaeda's continued presence

ABC News
July 30, 2019

ABC News quotes Bruce Hoffman on Al Qaeda's quiet but continued presence.

Senior Fellow Elliott Abrams leads U.S. diplomacy in Venezuela

Yahoo News
July 25, 2019

Yahoo News quotes Senior Fellow and Ex-co member Elliott Abrams on the U.S. approach to Venezuela's political crisis. Abrams is presently the United States Special Representative for Venezuela.

Tamara Cofman Wittes podcast on Mueller testimony

July 25, 2019

Professor Tamara Cofman Wittes joins her colleagues on the "Rational Security" podcast to dissect Robert Mueller's testimony in Congress.

Ambassador Dennis Ross featured on CBS podcast 'Intelligence Matters'

CBS News
July 24, 2019

CBS News's 'Intelligence Matters' podcast hosts Ambassador Dennis Ross to discuss the future of peace talks in the Middle East.