CJC Prof. Jacques Berlinerblau and ExCo Member Prof. Terrence Johnson spoke with Salon about their recent article, "How the Black-Jewish Alliance Changed America — and Today's Struggle for Voting Rights." Read their discussion here.

CJC Prof. Jacques Berlinerblau and ExCo Member Prof. Terrence Johnson on the Black-Jewish Alliance

February 6, 2022

Professors Jacques Berlinerblau and Terrence Johnson co-authored the new book, 'Blacks and Jews in America: An Invitation to Dialogue.' Their latest Salon piece details the legacy of the Black-Jewish alliance and today's struggle for voting rights. Read it here.

CJC Prof. and Senior Advisor Jacques Berlinerblau on Our Understanding of Secularism

Times Higher Education
February 6, 2022

"To study 'secularism' in the US is to be mired in complexity, controversy and, above all, confusion," writes Professor Jacques Berlinerblau. Read his Times Higher Education article on public discourse around the terms "secular" and "secularism."

The CJC's Amb. Dennis Ross Quoted in the Washington Post

Washington Post
February 3, 2022

The CJC's Ambassador Dennis Ross was quoted in a Washington Post op-ed about the Biden administration's policies in the Middle East and beyond. Click the title above to read his insights.

Read CJC Prof. Meital Orr's Article in the Journal 'Shofar'

Shofar: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies
January 30, 2022

CJC Prof. Meital Orr teaches our course, “Re-examining the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in Literature and Film." Her latest article, "The Agency of the Jewess and Her Palestinian Counterpart: Destabilizing Gender and Vulnerability as Resistance in 'Paradise Now' and 'For My Father,'" compares the two titular films in relation to gender and the Middle East conflict. Click our title above to read her publication.

Read Rabbi Abraham Skorka's Commentary for International Holocaust Remembrance Day

L'Osservatore Romano
January 28, 2022

"It is memory that will help overcome the destructive impulses that can lurk in the human heart." Rabbi Abraham Skorka co-teaches the CJC course, "Dynamic Dialogue: Talmudic Talks on Interfaith Engagement," with Rabbi Rachel Gartner. Read his commentary for International Holocaust Remembrance Day in L'Osservatore Romano.

The Hoya Recaps CJC Event, "The Holocaust and Genocide"

The Hoya
January 27, 2022

Read the Hoya's recap of our January 25 event, "The Holocaust and Genocide: Memorialization and Activism," with the University of Edinburgh's Prof. Donald Bloxham.

The CJC's Amb. Dennis Ross on the Biden Administration and Russia-Ukraine Tensions

The National Interest
January 27, 2022

The CJC's Amb. Dennis Ross co-wrote a piece on risk aversion and the Biden administration's handling of Russia-Ukraine tensions for the National Interest. Read the article here.

Read CJC Prof. Danielle Pletka's Washington Post Op-Ed

Washington Post
January 27, 2022

The CJC's Prof. Danielle Pletka wrote about local American support of Afghan resettlement efforts. Read her opinion piece for the Washington Post here.

Listen: CJC Prof. Ori Soltes Discusses his Book, 'Growing Up Jewish in India'

Jewish Journal
January 26, 2022

CJC Prof. Ori Z. Soltes recently discussed his latest book, 'Growing up Jewish in India,' with Shmuel Rosner of Jewish Journal. Click our link above to listen to the podcast episode.