CJC Professor Meital Orr gave a talk on the intersections between Israeli and Palestinian Literature and fIlm, which is the focus of her book manuscript on the convergences between Israeli and Palestinian literature and film in the 21st century. Watch her reflect on the salient convergences here.

CJC's Amb. Dennis Ross Quoted in Jerusalem Post

Jerusalem Post
November 11, 2021

Our very own Amb. Dennis Ross was quoted in a Jerusalem Post article about the implications of US Envoy for Iran Robert Malley leading an interagency team to the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Click the title above to read his insights.

CJC Professor Jessica Roda Quoted in Buzzfeed Article about Netflix

October 29, 2021

CJC Prof. Jessica Roda was quoted in a recent Buzzfeed article about the implications of Netflix's representation of ultra-Orthodox communities. Click the title above to read her insights.

Read CJC Prof. Jacob Ware's Latest for War on the Rocks

War on the Rocks
October 28, 2021

Be sure to read CJC Prof. Jacob Ware's most recent piece, a book review of 'Three Dangerous Men: Russia, China, Iran and the Rise of Irregular Warfare,' for War on the Rocks here.

CJC Prof. Ed Husain Quoted on Global Counter-extremism Database

BBC News
October 16, 2021

CJC Prof. Ed Husain was quoted in a BBC News article about a new global counter-extremism database launched in London. More here.

Watch CJC Director Bruce Hoffman on Global Security Forum Panel

Global Security Forum
October 12, 2021

Watch this recording of CJC Director Bruce Hoffman on today's Global Security panel, "Are We Equipped to Deal with Current Global Terrorist Threats?" The discussion was moderated by the New Yorker's Robin Wright and also joined by Col. Chris Costa.

Read the Latest from CJC Senior Advisor Jacques Berlinerblau and ExCo Member Shareen Joshi

The Economics Society, SRCC
October 12, 2021

Read CJC Senior Advisor Prof. Jacques Berlinerblau and ExCo member Prof. Shareen Joshi's "The Demise of Data in the Era of Optical Neoliberalism" for the Economics Society.

The CJC's Father Patrick Desbois on Babi Yar Perpetrators' Testimonies

October 6, 2021

Testimonies by perpetrators of the Babi Yar massacre were publicly released for the first time today. Click the link above to read the CJC's Father Patrick Desbois's insights on what these testimonies can reveal to us.

CJC Professors Andrej Umansky and Father Patrick Desbois Quoted in the Forward

The Forward
October 6, 2021

CJC Professors Andrej Umansky and Father Patrick Desbois were quoted in The Forward in an article about the work of the Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center and Yahad-In-Unum to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Babi Yar massacre.

CJC Prof. Andrej Umansky Quoted in the New York Times

New York Times
October 5, 2021

CJC Professor Andrej Umansky was recently quoted in a New York Times article about how Babyn Yar is memorializing one of the largest mass shootings of Jews in World War II. Read his insights here.