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CJC Prof. Moran Stern Wins 2021-2022 Don C. Piper Award

Civil Wars
January 22, 2022

Congratulations to CJC Prof. Moran Stern, who received the University of Maryland's 2021-2022 Don C. Piper Award for the best journal article by a graduate student. CJC students Maddox Angerhofer, Marie-Ann Wells and Michelle Fan served as research assistants on the article, "Factionalisation from Below: The Case of Palestinian Fatah."

CJC Prof. Ira Forman Quoted in the Washington Post

Washington Post
January 16, 2022

The CJC's Professor Ira Forman (formerly Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism) was quoted in yesterday's Washington Post. Read his thoughts in this article on the Texas synagogue attack and need to prioritize combating antisemitism.

CJC Prof. Jessica Roda Receives Cashmere Subvention Award

Association for Jewish Studies
January 14, 2022

A hearty congratulations to the CJC's Professor Jessica Roda, who is this year's recipient of the Cashmere Subvention Award in Jewish, Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies! More on the award here.

CJC Senior Advisor Jacques Berlinerblau's Commentary on Secularism and the Jan. 6 Insurrection

January 7, 2022

"Could any comparable display of free exercise have occurred in any country with clear constitutional guidelines about the relation between government and religion?" writes Prof. Jacques Berlinerblau. Read his latest piece on secularism and the January 6th insurrection for Salon.

Read CJC Dir. Bruce Hoffman on Accelerationism and the 2021 Capitol Attack

Council on Foreign Relations
January 5, 2022

The CJC wishes you and yours a happy New Year. We hope that you have had a safe and restful holiday. Over the break, CJC Director Bruce Hoffman wrote a brief on accelerationism for the Council on Foreign Relations. Be sure to read it here.

Read CJC ExCo Member Prof. Daniel Byman on Terror Threats after January 6

Brookings Institution
January 5, 2022

CJC ExCo Member Daniel Byman has offered his assessment of terror threats in the U.S in the aftermath of the January 6 insurrection for the Brookings Institution. Click our title above to read his article.