RSVP to the CJC’s First Event of the Semester!

The Center for Jewish Civilization invites you to Rabbi Mike Moskowitz’s lecture, “Rabbinic Practice in LGBTQ Allyship.” RSVP to the event here!

About the Lecture 

This lecture will explore issues pertaining to the LGBTQ community in relation to Orthodox Judaism and Jewish thought. It will also deal with the practical questions that are most commonly asked and the approaches that are currently being deployed in rabbinic allyship and Jewish Law. Be sure to save your seat using our eventbrite. 

About the Speaker 

Rabbi Moskowitz was assigned secular, then identified as ultra-orthodox for twenty years, and now embraces a religiously non-conforming identity. He has the cultural competency and language to translate beyond the words of the text and to hear the intentionality in the rabbinic voice speaking for social justice and inclusivity.

Rabbi Moskowitz has three ultra-orthodox rabbinic ordinations. He spent a decade in the largest yeshivas in the world and studied the entire Babylonian Talmud. He founded and headed a kollel – a sacred think tank, served as a rabbi at Columbia University, and of a congregation in Harlem. Rabbi Moskowitz explored academic Talmud at Yale and at Jewish Theological Seminary, where he is currently completing a Doctorate in Hebrew Literature. As one of the leading thinkers at the intersection of trans issues and Jewish thought, he is a sought after lecturer, educator, and researcher.


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