Alexa West

Alexa Ryan West is currently a Senior in the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service. She is majoring in Culture and Politics, with a concentration in International Security, and is receiving a certificate through the Program for Jewish Civilization. She was originally attracted to the PJC because of its sociological and secular studying of the Jewish civilization. Through amazing PJC classes, like Jacques Berlinerblau’s “Secular States and Political Religion,” and Ori Soltes’ “Symbols of Faith,” Alexa was able to learn about political science, art history, symbolism and government.

Through the PJC Alexa has been exposed to incredible opportunities. She has worked on Faith Complex and the God Vote, which sparked an interest in the media and broadcast journalism. She was able to work with The Washington Post and to meet incredible authors, poets, and political scientists—Meir Shalev, Lara Vapnyar, and Yossi Shain, to name a few—and to learn from them. Alexa has also worked for the PJC office and enjoyed being a part of the PJC’s day-to-day community. Through her involvement in the PJC, Alexa has learned more about good writing, teamwork and problem solving.

Alexa spent the spring semester of her Junior year at the Rothberg International Institute of Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. There she continued her studies of international security and Judaism. After Georgetown, Alexa plans on working in broadcast journalism and eventually attending rabbinical school. Whatever she ends up doing, she has infinite thanks to the PJC for giving her the skills and confidence to be a successful university student and human being.