Senior Symposium

As part of the Minor and Certificate in Jewish Civilization students complete a research thesis. The thesis is a topic related to Jewish civilization, prepared under the supervision of a faculty member associated with the Center for Jewish Civilization, the Visiting Professor of Jewish Civilization, Goldman Visiting Israeli Professor, or if appropriate special permission may be granted by the program director for another Georgetown faculty member to serve as essay advisor. Upon completion, seniors make a presentation of their research at the annual senior thesis colloquium held during commencment week, where a prize is awarded to the outstanding paper.

2018 Senior symposium

Trixia Apiado, "Antisemitism in Southeast Asia: A Study on Government, Religion, and Race in Malaysia"

Laila Brothers, "The Camp David Summit and The Annapolis Conference: Different Approaches with the Same Mistake"

Madeline Budman, "Tamei//Tahor: Getting Ready"

Sarah Clements, "Postmemory America Through Film: Blacks, Jews, and Perceiving Collective Trauma"

Madeline Cunnings, "Purimshpiel and Pogroms: Translating Traumatic Memory"

Matt Ellison, "The Dacha Crowd Rescued One of Their Own: How the Nazi German Diplomat Gustav Hilger Came to Washington"

Ari Goldstein, "A Century of Chutzpah: Jews at Georgetown University, 1789-1900"

Kesso Lake, "Collective Memory and Jewish Complicity in the Holocaust "

Kate Lambroza, "Israeli-Saudi Relations from 1948 to 2015 : How Two Adversaries Became Unlikely Allies and What It Tells Us About Alliance Theories"

Nicole McCann Ramirez, "A Dynamic Crime: Changing Technology and Efficiency in Modern Genocide"

Andrea Moneton, "Intersecting Tolerance and Intolerance: The Decline of the Kaifeng Jewish Community"

Addison Nix, "Tides of Change: The Intersection of Spirituality and Halacha in the 21st-Century Mikvah Landscape"

David Patou, "Koshering of the Austrian Freedom Party"

Laura Romero, "Mexico for Mexicans: Exclusion and Antisemtism in Mexico’s Immigration Policy, 1934-1945 "

Ari Shapiro, "X-Mensch: Jewishness in Marvel’s X-Men Comics"

Adam Shinbrot, "Bound by Bonds: An Analysis of Israel’s Financial Markets Proving they Cannot Be Quantified in Purely Finanial Terms"

Daniel Silbert, "A Southern Shanda: Jews of the American South's Relationship to Antebellum Slavery, the Confederacy, and Memory"

2017 Senior symposium

Pietro Bartoli, "Catholic Teshuvah: How Atoning on Jewish Terms Forged a New Relationship"

Elizabeth Biener, "From Rabinowitz to Golding and Back Again: The Jazz Singer and Shifts in Jewish American Representation in Film"

Emily Fung, "The Stagnation of Women in Israeli Politics Since the Time of Golda Meir: A Legacy of Individual Remembrance Among Growing Unfavorable Social, Political, and Military Conditions"

Leah Methoudi, "Female Perpetrators of the Holocaust: Motivations for Participation on the Home Front and War Front"

Rachel Greene, "Understanding the New Anti-Semitism: A Study of 21st century Anti-Semitism in France and the United Kingdom"

Stephen Yin,"An Empirical Assessment of Palestinian Casualties on Turkish-Israeli Energy Relations"

Annabelle Timsit, "The Dawn of a New Age: An Essay on Understanding ‘New’ Anti-Semitism in France"

Kiki Shim, "Nazi Eugenics: An American Mirror Similarities in Racial Ideologies in America and Nazi Germany, 1909 - 1941"

Jocelyn Flores, "The Transformation of Indian-Israeli Relations Post-1948: From Zero-Sum to Diplomatic Relations"

Alan Steiner, "On the Historical Transformation of Religious Zionism from a Marginal Philosophy to a Defining Ideology in Contemporary Israeli National Politics"

Alex Hu, "A Feast of Carnality: Gender and Sexual Politics of the Jewish Deli"

Claudia Taselar, "Jewish American Female Artists and their Creative Journey: A Look in to the Jewish Art World from the 1960s to the 1990s from a Female Point of View"

Rachel Morota, "The Fourth Frontier: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in Cyberspace"

Josh Dostal, "Protests, Platforms, and Parlance: How Dialogue Can Re-Build the Black-Jewish Relationship"

Timothy Yim, "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum: Conscription in the State of Israel and the Republic of China" 

Tracey Zhang, "Bending the arc Toward Justice? Jewish American Activists in the Pro-Palestinian Movement"

2016 Senior symposium

Tiana Baheri, "The Limits of Judicial Secularism: Theorizing the Encounters of Civil Courts with Jewish and Islamic Laws"

James Gadea, "The Church, the Synagogue, and the Monarchy: Why a Bishop, a Rabbi, and a Queen Ended Deportations of Jewish Romanians to Transnistria"

Scott Golstein, "Iran with the Bomb: The Day After"

Samuel Patterson, "'Beitar Will Be Forever Pure;' The Interactions Between Soccer Hooliganism and Political Violence in Israel"

Nicholas Perez, "We the Perpetrators; I the Collaborator; Me the Bystander; Us the Victims"

Eitan J. Sayag, "Secularism in Two Ottoman Successor States: Israeli Hiloniyut and Syrian Ilmaniya"

Joshua N. Shinbrot, "Repatriation and Restitution: Major Legal Issues Associated with Achieving Justice for Victims of Nazi Looting and Their Heirs in the United States"

Andrew Tabas, "Go East Young Men: Israeli Foreign Relations with India and China"

Nicholas Walker, "The Source of Entrepreneurship: What Pakistan can learn from Israel"



Matthew Caplan, "Synonymous or Separated? Conceptions of Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism in Europe"

Alsharif Ghazi Sa'ad Eddin, "The Pedagogy of a Secular Exilée: Philip Roth and His Others"

Isaac Flegel-Mishlove, "Rethinking Religion's Role in Poltics: The Use of Jewish Values Language in a Decision by the Israeli High Court of Justice"

Laura Gevarter, "Ani Midaber[et] Ivrit: Examining Hebrew Language Curriculums in Greater Baltimore/Washington Schools"

Nicholas Hoffman, "A Comparative Study of Aristotle and Maimonides' Philosophy on the Nature of the Soul"

Jerrod MacFarlane, "The Poem After Auschwitz: Charles Reznikoff's Holocaust"

Katelyn McNelis, "Jewish Terrorism: The Case of the Jewish Underground"

Connie Yang, "Mixed Messages: Narratives of Identity in the Lillian & Albert Small Jewish Museum and the National Museum of American Jewish Military History"

Sapir Yarden, "The Second Lebanon War: Was Israel Left More Vulnerable?"


Mary Burgoyne, "University of the Jews: An Examination of the Jewish Campus Novel"

Ethan Chess, "A Reticent Embrace: The Ongoing Jewish Response to Nostra Aetate and the Future of Jewish-Catholic Dialogue"

Joshua Schoen, "Zionism: National Identity formation in Fin-De-Siecle Russia"

Robert Silverstein, "Atrocity, Memory, and Nation: A Comparative Study of the People's Republic of China and Israel"

Benjamin Talus, "The Jewish Impact on Jazz: A History of Give and Take"


Alexa Ryan West, "Isolation and Participation: Haredim and the State of Israel"

Danish Zaidi, "The American Trisectioning of Religion"


Sheilagh Carey, "Cycle of Silence: American Jews and the Holocaust"

Hope Ellis, "The Rothian Gothic: Textual and Thematic Ghosts in the Work of Philip Roth"

Lane Feler, " A Staged Arena: The Politicization of Israeli Contemporary Dance"

Rachel Krieger, "Further Than We are Willing: The Ethics of Using Nazi Research"

Kathleen McCullough, "Interreligious Marriages: The Jewish-Catholic Phenomenon"

Russell Rutter, "Those Funny People: Jewish Comedians and Jewish Stereotypes"

Gwen Schwartz, "The Ghetto of Venice: Jewish Identity and the Construction of Space"

Lauren Vine, "Aid for Peace: The Role of American Foreign Assistance in Fostering the Egyptian-Israeli Relationship"

Raphael Wertheimer, "Entrepreneurship in Israel and My Business Plan"


Juliana Brint, "Politicized Suffering and Appropriated Legacies: Self Serving Representations of Jewish in the Italian Media"

Michael Hoffman, "The Red Sea - Dead Sea Canal and the Future of Water in the Middle East"

Dean Lieberman, "Oh Jerusalem, Why I Forget Thee: Explaining the Attrition Between Young, Liberal, Jewish Americans and Israel"

Merav Levkowitz, "Finding Israel Abroad: The Paradoxes of HaTiyul HaGadol, the Post-Army Israeli Backpacking Journey"

Corey Sherman, "Values and Principles: Problematic Policymaking in the Israeli-Arab Conflict under George W. Bush"

Quint Simon, "An International Relations Detective Story: The Mysterious Case of Modern Sino-Israeli Relations, 1948-2011"


Caitlin Montgomery


Andrew Dunn, "Reconciling Strategy and Religion: A New Frontier for Ethics in the Israeli Defense Forces"

Mark Lerner, "War & the Jewish Nation: Power, Pride and Persecution in the Jewish Ethics of Force"

Ruben Rais, "Jewish Emancipation and the Fragmentation of the Jewish World in the Modern Era"


On Friday, May 2, 2008, graduating PJC minor and certificate students presented their final thesis projects for faculty, friends and family. The students and their presentations are listed below.

Christina Perpignano, "Never Again: The Past, Present, and Future of the Historical Narrative of the Holocaust"

Raymond Schillinger, "From Oy! to Om: The Jewish Buddhist and Modern American Judaism"

Anne Yearwood, "Gender and Progressivism in Secular Judaism"

Claire Riesenberg, " Shifting Memory: How Political Ideology Has Shaped the Holocaust Narrative in Modern Poland"

Daniel Fishman, "The Shifting Face of Zionism: Changing Centrality of Israel as a Voter Issue with Jews and Evangelical Christians"

Michael Segner, "The Myth of the Democratic Jewish Bloc Vote"

Bettina Warburg-Johnson, "Judaism and Human Rights: Paradigmatic Repercussions"

Athena Karp, "Sino-Israeli Relations"