Professor Ebenbach's "Miss Portland" is reviewed on Fiction Southeast

Fiction Southeast
September 8, 2017

"David Ebenbach’s first novel, Miss Portland, could serve as a model for short story writers attempting a novel: a single plot, compressed time line, and character-driven action add up to an important and touching depiction of the complexities of selfhood and being with mental illness..."

Let the Story Teach you its Form: An Interview with David Ebenbach

Fiction Southeast
September 8, 2017 | Washington, DC

David Ebenbach is interviewed by Margaret Luongo about his three short story collections, poems, and plays.

Local Author Encourages Mental Health Discussion in New Book

WTTG Fox 5
September 5, 2017 | Washington, DC


"Campus Confidential" Is Reviewed by the New York Times

The New York Times
August 22, 2017

Director of the CJC Jacques Berlinerblau has his most recent book, Campus Confidential, reviewed by the New York Times.

Current events

Professor Abrams' Take on What Happens after ISIS

Foreign Policy
July 10, 2017

Professor Abrams writes about the future of American involvement in the Middle East for Foreign Policy,

Book Review: Miss Portland: A Novel

Washington Independent Review of Books
July 10, 2017 | Los Angeles, California

David Ebenbach's book Miss Portland is reviewed by Laurie Tobenkin in the Washington Independent Review of Books.

Current events

Professor Abrams on Bloomberg News Regarding North Korea

July 6, 2017

Former Deputy National Security Advisor Elliott Abrams discusses North Korea's escalating threats against the U.S. He spoke with Bloomberg's Julia Chatterley, Scarlet Fu and Joe Weisenthal on "What'd You Miss?"


Jacques Berlinerblau on Free Speech and College Campuses

The Washington Post
June 30, 2017

The CJC's Director, Jacques Berlinerblau, questions the assumption that liberals are at the heart of recent campus protests directed towards speakers in his most recent article for The Washington Post.


Professor Berlinerblau on His New Book: "College Confidential"

KERA Think
June 19, 2017

Jacques Berlinerblau speaks on "Think" with Krys Boyd about his research in his latest book, College Confidential.

A Tale of Two Stories: An Interview with David Ebenbach

June 15, 2017 | Washington, DC

David Ebenbach is interviewed in JMWW Blog about his two award winning books, The Guy We Didn't Invite to the Orgy, and Miss Portland.