Student Life

The most distinguished feature of the Jewish Civilization program is the focus on students. The CJC offers a variety of academic course work for undergraduate students, but it also offers additional opportunities and activities outside of the classroom. Students interested in the CJC can learn more about what the CJC has to offer below. 

Academic Advising

The CJC offers academic advising not only regarding CJC classes but also for Majors and Theses. The faculty, who come largely from the SFS and the College, all have years of experience helping students navigate academics at Georgetown. Furthermore, the CJC’s staff all attended Georgetown, either as Masters students or as undergraduates, and therefore have a great background for advising current undergraduates. The CJC’s office practices an open door policy meaning that if staff members are in and not currently busy, they are happy to speak with students about academic issues or anything else you might have going on.

CJC course guarantee

As a CJC student you have the right to be in any CJC class and, if necessary, a spot can be added for you. For information on our courses please visit our current courses page.


The CJC helps place its students in some of the most competitive internships in DC. The Center has strong connections to Jewish organizations such as ADL and the Israeli Embassy, but also maintains connections with organizations such as the British Broadcasting Corporation and the Department of State. The CJC hosts Internship Lunches every semester to help students explore their options. CJC Staff are also available for internship advising by request. For more information see our internships page.

STudent lounge

Inside the CJC there is a lounge with a couch and table reserved for CJC students to study, work on group projects, and hang out!

Public Lectures

Please visit our events page to learn more about the speakers that the CJC brings to campus.


Twice a semester before midterms and finals the entire CJC gets together to enjoy lunch and relax before exams. The event is catered by restaurants in DC and in the past has featured Lebanese, Israeli, Indian and numerous other cuisines.

Free Printing

One of the lesser known perks of the CJC is that all students have free printing in the CJC’s offices.