Sarah Workman

Adjunct Instructor


With a background in literature, Sarah Workman teaches in both the Center for Jewish Civilization and the Writing Program. She received her PhD in English from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and her Master’s in English from Georgetown. She has taught courses on American literature and writing at UNC Chapel Hill and Montgomery College. She is also an Instructional Designer at CNDLS, where she works on the design and development of online courses.

Her academic research focuses on the liminal spaces of mixed-genre texts—both Jewish American and American literature more broadly—and how the play of generic tropes and expectations performs vital political, cultural, and historical work for alienated communities. She has published articles on fantasy literature and has spoken at conferences about Latino Jewish American literature as well as genre and the Holocaust in contemporary Jewish American texts.

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Superheroes and Shlemiels: Jewish Popular Culture in Literature, Art, and Cinema (JCIV 215)