View Our Spring 2022 Course Lineup!

The Center for Jewish Civilization is pleased to announce its lineup of Spring 2022 courses!

Holocaust & Genocide Studies

  • “Holocaust: Gender & Racial Ideology,” Prof. Anna Sommer, JCIV-175
  • “Holocaust Forensics Fieldwork Centennial Lab,” Father Patrick Desbois & Prof. Andrej Umansky, JCIV-310
  • “The Forensics of Mass Killings,” Father Patrick Desbois & Prof. Andrej Umansky, JCIV-445
  • “Opening of the Pius XII Archives and Holocaust Research” (One-Credit), Prof. Suzanne Brown-Fleming, JCIV-027

International Affairs & Diplomacy

  • “Untangling the Middle East: Religion, Politics, and Ethnicity,” Prof. Ori Soltes, JCIV-109
  • “How to Fight for Human Rights,” Prof. Ira Forman, JCIV-188
  • “From the Zionist Movement to Contemporary Israel,” Prof. Moran Stern, JCIV-230
  • “Insurgency and Counterinsurgency,” Prof. Bruce Hoffman, JCIV-231
  • “The Weaponization of Hate: Antisemitism, Racism, Islamophobia, and Xenophobia in the COVID-19 Pandemic Era,” Prof. Jacob Ware, JCIV-281 
  • “Combating Terrorist Financing 20 Years After 9/11,” Prof. Matthew Levitt, JCIV-291
  • “Statecraft and Negotiation,” Amb. Dennis Ross, JCIV-444
  • “Islam, Judaism and Western Civilization,” Prof. Ed Husain, JCIV-447
  • “From Resolution to Management and Prevention: The Evolution of the UN’s Roles in the Israeli Palestinian Conflict” (One-Credit), Prof. Jonathan Lincoln, JCIV-023
  • “Countering Violent Extremism: The Role We All Play” (One-Credit), Prof. Farah Pandith, JCIV-024

Humanities and Literature / Jewish Studies

  • “Re-Examining the Middle East Crisis Through Literature and Film,” Prof. Meital Orr, JCIV-196
  • “God and the Goal Posts,” Prof. Ori Soltes, JCIV-217
  • “Kabbalah in Its Contexts,” Prof. Ori Soltes, JCIV-241
  • “Global Secularisms,” Prof. Jacques Berlinerblau, JCIV-294
  • “Dynamic Dialogue: Talmudic Talks on Interfaith Engagement,” Rabbi Rachel Gartner and Rabbi Abraham Skorka, JCIV-013

Required Certificate / Minor Courses

  • “Introduction to JCIV (Great Jewish Texts Through Space and Time),” Prof. Meital Orr, JCIV-199
  • “Jewish Civilization Senior Colloquium,” Prof. Anna Sommer, JCIV-443


  • “Intensive Beginning Modern Hebrew II,” Prof. Sara Grayson, HEBR-102
  • “Intermediate Modern Hebrew II,” Prof. Meital Orr, HEBR-202 
  • “Advanced Modern Hebrew II,” Prof. Sara Grayson, HEBR-302