Read Ambassador Zion Evrony's analysis of the risks and opportunities of the current negotiations between the US, Saudi Arabia, and Israel on an agreement to establish diplomatic relations and transform the Middle East.

Profs Hoffman and Ware: US as Leading Exporter of White Supremacist Terrorism

Foreign Affairs
September 19, 2023

Read the latest piece by Professors Hoffman and Ware on the legacy, roots, and exportation of far-right white supremacist terrorism in the US.

Listen to Season 2 of Prof. Levitt's podcast

The Washington Institute for Near East Policy
September 18, 2023

Season 2 of Professor Levitt's podcast, "Breaking Hezbollah's Golden Rule," is available now.

Lebanese Hezbollah goes to great lengths to publicize its overt, social, and political activities and to conceal its covert terrorist, militant, and criminal pursuits. In the words of one operative, Hezbollah's "Golden Rule" is this: The Less You Know, the Better. In this podcast, Professor Levitt sets out to break this rule by shining a bright spotlight on Hezbollah's global terrorist and criminal activities.

The Abraham Accords - Prof. Husain and the N7 Initiative

The Atlantic Council
September 13, 2023

Professor Husain was featured in "Three years on: The regional impact and future of the Abraham Accords," as the Director of the N7 Initiative, a partnership between the Atlantic Council and the Jeffrey M. Talpins Foundation. The event was hosted on the third anniversary of the Abraham Accords, examining the latest developments in regional integration and the future opportunities for advancing relations between Israel and its Arab and Muslim neighbors.

Fr. Desbois quoted in article about saving abducted Ukranian children

Financial Times
September 13, 2023

Here is an excerpt of the article that mentions Father Patrick Desbois:

"The [French] television is pro-Ukrainian and speaks day and night about tanks and satellites and drones and the front, but [not] the children,” said Patrick Desbois, a Catholic priest involved in the campaign to change this. Desbois, whose grandfather was also deported in wartime, runs a Holocaust memorial group that has searched for other displaced youth, such as the Yazidi children taken by Isis nearly a decade ago. As he pointed out, little attention was given to them initially."

Read the whole article for more!

Amb. Ross on reviving Oslo's hope for peace

Washington Post
September 11, 2023

Ahead of the 30th anniversary of the Oslo Accords, Ambassador Ross writes that we can still revive the conceptual hope of Oslo: "that moderates on both sides would engage in reciprocal concessions to expand the political space for further accommodations."

Visit exhibit curated by Prof. Soltes at the American Museum at the Katzen Arts Center

September 9, 2023

From September 9 - December 10, "Nature's Tapestry," Professor Ori Z. Soltes's curation of the work of Bernis von zur Muehlen, will be on display at the American Museum at the Katzen Arts Center. Bernis von zur Muehlen is a widely exhibited photographer who began showing her work in the mid-70s in commercial galleries and museums in the United States and abroad. A dialogue between the curator and artist will take place at 2 PM on September 23.

Prof. Ware on politicians' reaction to Jacksonville shooting

LA Times
August 29, 2023

Professor Ware recently co-authored a piece on why American political leaders do not effectively denounce violence against minority communities:

"After attacks on minority communities, U.S. leaders from across the political spectrum should condemn the violence and the conspiracy theories behind it. Failure to do so is costing lives."

Prof. Roda on female performers bridging gender and Orthodox-liberal divides

Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA)
August 9, 2023

Professor Roda's latest piece reflects on a group of non-orthodox women performing Hasidic music. She writes that "by celebrating the voice of women in the male tradition of nigunim, Raskin’s project transcends both gender boundaries and the divide between Orthodox and liberal Judaism." Click to read the whole article and learn more about the the album “Kapelya,” the first recording of Hasidic nigunim performed exclusively by women.

Fr. Desbois in the fight to uncover Russian war crimes

August 2, 2023

Fr. Desbois in the fight to uncover Russian war crimes