In this Hill article CJC Director Bruce Hoffman is quoted evaluating the Biden administration's counterterrorism strategy. He argues the administration is balancing the challenges of foreign and domestic terrorists generally well.

A Decade After the First Reason Rally, What Happened to America’s Atheist Revolution?

Religion and Politics
August 30, 2022

This Religion and Politics article about the trajectory of "America’s Atheist Revolution" quotes Professor Jacques Berlinerblau. Click here to read more about the US atheist movement and Professor Berlinerblau's thoughts on secularism in the United States.

CJC Prof. Anna Sommer Moderates TJHTalk on 'Remember This'

Taube Center for Jewish Life & Learning
July 20, 2022

CJC Prof. Anna Sommer moderated a discussion about the acclaimed play, 'Remember This: Jan Karski's Call to Action.' The discussion, hosted by the Taube Center for Jewish Life & Learning, featured Eva Anisko, Professor Derek Goldman, Jeff Hutchens, award-winning actor David Strathairn, and Clark Young. Click here to watch the recording.

The United States Needs a Better Strategy to Deter Iran

Foreign Affairs
July 6, 2022

In a recent article for Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Dennis Ross argues for his view of a better US strategy to deter Iran. He argues the United States must make Iran's potential losses and gains public, without closing diplomatic avenues.

Read CJC Senior Advisor and Prof. Jacques Berlinerblau's Latest for the Freethinker

The Freethinker
June 14, 2022

CJC Senior Advisor and Prof. Jacques Berlinerblau is the author of the recent book, 'Secularism: the Basics.' Visit the link above to read his response to a recent New York Times piece on ‘secular conservatives' in the Freethinker.

'Even if Putin Dies, They Will Still Be Deadly': Priest on Russia

June 14, 2022

Father Patrick Desbois recently spoke about his investigation in Ukraine with Ukrainska Pravda. In the interview, summarized by Newsweek, Father Desbois shares his findings about challenges to accountability.

The CJC's Prof. Jacob Ware Latest on Bystander Intervention and Counterterrorism

The Buffalo News
June 11, 2022

The CJC's Prof. Jacob Ware has written a piece in the Buffalo News about tragic shootings in Buffalo and Laguna Woods. Read his insights on recent events and bystander intervention here.

Read CJC Dir. Bruce Hoffman and Prof. Jacob Ware on the "Beatles" Terrorism Trial

The National Interest
June 10, 2022

"The trial has significant implications for U.S. counterterrorism, the ability of the justice system to prosecute international terrorists, and the future of U.S. hostage policy," write CJC Director Bruce Hoffman and Prof. Jacob Ware. Click here to read their National Interest article on important lessons to be drawn from the "Beatles" terrorism trial.

CJC Prof. Farah Pandith Presides Over Renewing America Lecture

Council on Foreign Relations
May 23, 2022

Foreign policy strategist and global advisor Farah Pandith taught our Spring 2022 course, "Countering Violent Extremism: The Role We All Play." Listen to her discuss countering white supremacist violence for Council on Foreign Relation's Renewing America Series.

Read CJC Prof. and Senior Advisor Jacques Berlinerblau's Latest for Salon

May 14, 2022

"To understand how the party of JFK came to shun secularism," writes, CJC Prof. and Senior Advisor Jacques Berlinerblau, "we must return to the autopsy that Democrats performed after John Kerry's defeat in 2004." Read Prof. Berlinerblau on Roe v. Wade, the Democratic Party, and how governments should engage with religions for Salon.