Prof. Danielle Pletka appeared on yesterday's episode of NBC's Meet the Press. Click the title above to watch her appearance.

CJC Prof. Ori Soltes's Exhibit Featured in the Hoya

The Hoya
May 6, 2021

Our very own Prof. Ori Soltes curated an exhibit titled “Jewish Authenticity and Identity” at the Adas Israel Congregation. It will be on view until May 14 and will remain online after this date. Read Prof. Soltes's insights about this exploration of Jewish identity in the Hoya.

Read CJC Dir. Bruce Hoffman and Prof. Jacob Ware on Afghanistan

War on the Rocks
May 5, 2021

"Today in Afghanistan, the United States is similarly understating and underestimating the threat posed by the Taliban." Read CJC Dir. Bruce Hoffman and CJC Prof. Jacob Ware's "Leaving Afghanistan will Make America Less Safe," for War on the Rocks.

Read the Latest Profile of the CJC's Father Patrick Desbois

The Catholic Universe
May 2, 2021

“..Our joint Holocaust research efforts will help us to save the memory and convey the history of this tragedy to future generations.” The CJC's Father Patrick Desbois's research has greatly expanded the scope of understanding concerning the Holocaust in Eastern Europe. Read the latest profile of him above.

Read Amb. Dennis Ross's Latest Opinion Piece on Iran

Washington Post
April 26, 2021

"For diplomacy to work, Iran must understand that it cannot overplay its hand." Read the CJC's Ambassador Dennis Ross's latest opinion piece on Iran for the Washington Post.

Read Prof. Emily Blout on the Protocols

War on the Rocks
April 22, 2021

"From Adolf Hitler to Henry Ford, rabid antisemites have championed the fabricated text as a historical document and published it widely. So what is this nearly 120-year-old lie doing in the hands of a Capitol Police officer in 2021?" Professor Emily Blout teaches our course, "Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Digital Edition: Propaganda, Conspiracy and the Politics of Hate." Be sure to read her timely and important analysis of the same subject for War on the Rocks.

CJC's Amb. Dennis Ross on "Kurds in the Middle East"

Yale Daily News
April 21, 2021

Yesterday, our own Ambassador Dennis Ross joined the Jackson Institute for its four-part discussion series on “Kurds in the Middle East.” Click the title above to read his insights in Yale Daily News.

CJC Prof. Danielle Pletka Interviews Russian Opposition Politician

The Dispatch
April 19, 2021

Be sure to read CJC Prof. Danielle Pletka's interview with Russian opposition politician Vladimir Kara-Murza for The Dispatch.

Amb. Dennis Ross Quoted in Jerusalem Post about Natanz Attack

The Jerusalem Post
April 12, 2021

The CJC's Ambassador Dennis Ross was recently quoted in an analysis of how the recent Natanz incident might affect Iran's Vienna negotiations for the Jerusalem Post. Read his insights here.

CJC Prof. Jessica Roda Quoted in Glamour Magazine

Glamour Magazine
April 12, 2021

“A lot of these women were artists who didn’t fit into the traditional role model. They were in the margins, but the margins are coming much more to the center.” The CJC's Prof. Jessica Roda was quoted in a Glamour Magazine piece on Orthodox Jewish women in music. Read it here.