Welcome to the Center for Jewish Civilization at the Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.

The CJC’s mission is to produce, advance, promote, and disseminate cutting-edge scholarship on Jewish Civilization. As we understand the term, “Jewish Civilization” encompasses contemporary music,¬†literature, Middle Eastern politics, theology, history, the cultures of the Diaspora, the study of traditional and non-traditional Judaisms, interactions with non-Jewish civilizations, and so much more.

To do justice to these subjects we aim for intellectual heterogeneity, not ideological purity. This explains why we have hosted writers as distinct (and as preternaturally gifted) as Cynthia Ozick and A.B. Yehoshua. It accounts for why we have had orthodox rabbis teach for us, as well as Jewish atheists. It is our rationale for having conservative Evangelical pastors address our students, as well as those who research Queer Judaisms. Heads of state, ambassadors, congresspersons, journalists, and public intellectuals routinely come to the CJC, as do prominent religious figures, artists, and most importantly, legions of scholarly experts. Our goal is to put an intellectual product of the highest quality in front of students who will be the leaders of the next generation: that is how we define our mission.

Welcome to the site. Please explore these pages to learn about our public programs, including conferences, lectures, and cultural events (we average about 25 or so of these per school year, so please check frequently). In addition, you can access downloadable publications, videotaped lectures, updates on the scholarship of our faculty, and so much more. Peruse, enjoy, and we look forward to seeing you on the Hilltop.

Dr. Jacques Berlinerblau
Professor, Director, Center for Jewish Civilization
Rabbi Harold S. White Chair in Jewish Civilization