What is MemoryBox

MemoryBox is an organization that seeks to immortalize worldwide Jewish family stories, create a network of Jewish student leaders on college campuses, and strengthen interreligious bonds. MemoryBox hosts an online museum that serves as a repository for historic family documents and stories. We also work with the academic community to assist with Jewish related research. Finally, MemoryBox student chapters host events on their campuses that showcase Jewish diversity and strengthen friendship between the Jewish community and the rest of the world.


Diversity and Inclusivity in Diplomacy

Viewed Through Jewish Values

In Spring 2023, the MemoryBox Georgetown University chapter will host an exposition on campus regarding Jewish values, diversity, and inclusion.  The exposition aims to discuss Jewish leaders that furthered underrepresented groups’ rights,  spotlight MemoryBox Jewish family stories that showcase inclusion, and further Holocaust remembrance. Ultimately, the goal is to combat misconceptions about the Jewish community and strengthen intercultural bonds.