View Our Fall 2021 Course Lineup!

The Center for Jewish Civilization is pleased to announce its lineup of Fall 2021 courses!

Holocaust Courses

  • “3rd Generation Biographies of Nazis and their Victims” (One-Credit), Prof. Suzanne Brown-Fleming, JCIV-026
  • “Theological Implications of the Holocaust,” Prof. Ori Soltes, JCIV-138
  • “Nazi Policies and Practices Regarding Disability,” Father Patrick Desbois & Andrej Umansky, JCIV-218 
  • “Holocaust by Bullets,” Father Patrick Desbois & Andrej Umansky, JCIV-276

International Affairs and Diplomacy Courses

  • “Israel and International Human Rights” (One-Credit), Amb. Zion Evrony, JCIV-022
  • “History of Antisemitism,” Prof.Jonathan Ray, JCIV-103 
  • “Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Digital Edition: Propaganda, Conspiracy, and the Politics of Hate,” Prof. Emily Blout, JCIV-181
  • “Congress and Making Middle East Foreign Policy,” Danielle Pletka, JCIV-235 
  • “The Arab Spring and Israel,” Moran Stern, JCIV-245 
  • “History of Peacemaking in the Middle East,” Amb. Dennis Ross, JCIV-321 
  • “Terrorism: Middle East and North Africa,” Dir. Bruce Hoffman, JCIV-341

Humanities, Culture & Jewish Studies Courses

  • “Poetry Writing Workshop,” Prof. David Ebenbach, JCIV-144 
  • “Interfaith Marriage in Literature and Film,” Prof. Meital Orr, JCIV-183 
  • “Jerusalem: City and Symbol,” Prof. Ori Soltes, JCIV-187 
  • “Jews on Trial,” Prof. Ori Soltes, JCIV-225 
  • “Sex, Tattoos and Death Panels? Jewish Views on Contemporary Issues” (One-Credit), Rabbi Rachel Gartner, JCIV-018 

Required Certificate / Minor Courses

  • “Intensive Beginning Modern Hebrew I,” Prof. Sara Grayson, HEBR-101
  • “Intermediate Modern Hebrew I,” Prof. Meital Orr, HEBR-201
  • “Advanced Modern Hebrew I,” Prof. Sara Grayson, HEBR-300