Trump's Golan Fiasco

March 22, 2019

CJC Professor Tamara Cofman-Wittes and her colleague Ilan Goldenberg analyze President Trump's decision to recognize Golan Heights as sovereign Israeli territory.

Ira Forman in Conversation With Deborah Lipstadt

Moment Magazine
March 21, 2019 | Washington, DC

Ira Forman, CJC Professor and Former Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism, interviews Deborah Lipstadt about her new and timely book, Antisemitism: Here and Now.

SFS News: Spring Break 2019

SFS in the World
March 19, 2019 | Washington, DC

The School of Foreign Service highlights a number of immersive education opportunities that occurred over 2019 Spring Break, including the CJC's and Yahad in Unum's Holocaust Forensics Trip to Ukraine.

The Disturbing Normalization of anti-Semitic Acts Among Young Americans

March 15, 2019 | Washington, DC

CJC Director and Rabbi Harold White Professor of Jewish Civilization, Dr. Jacques Berlinerblau, comments on the state of anti-Semitism in social media and on college campuses.

Viewpoint: Redefine Modern Antisemitism

The Hoya
March 15, 2019 | Washington, DC

CJC Sophomore Rebecca Stekol reflects on Jewish identity through the lens of denationalization and antisemitism.

Rational Security: The 'Lock Him Up' Edition

Lawfare Blog
March 13, 2019 | Washington, DC

CJC's Tamara Cofman-Wittes joins her Lawfare colleagues in a conversation about Manafort, the Arab Spring, and other political news.

Former US Ambassador At-Large Speaks at Springfield Temple

March 11, 2019 | Washington, DC

Rabbi and Ambassador David Saperstein spoke at the Temple Sha'arey Shalom to honor the life of Rabbi Sy Dresner.

Evaluating Trump's Foreign Policy From A Conservative Perspective

NPR's Weekend Edition
March 2, 2019 | Washington, DC

CJC's Danielle Pletka speaks with NPR's Scott Simon and the Cato Institute's Christopher Preble about the Trump administration's foreign policy prospects.

Gantz-Lapid Alliance Important Game-Changer in Israel Snap Election

Sputnik News
February 25, 2019 | Washington, DC

The CJC's Adjunct Lecturer Moran Stern speaks on the upcoming Israeli snap election and the significance of the Gantz-Lapid alliance.

Viewpoint: State of the Union 2019

American Enterprise Institute
February 4, 2019 | Washington, DC

Danielle Pletka, a CJC Visiting Lecturer, discusses in a video from the American Enterprise Institute the 2019 State of the Union Address with colleague Marc Thiessen.